Thursday, June 01, 2006

Live and Learn....

Well today has been one of those interesting days. Wednesday nights are daddy and luke nights and they usually tramp in the back yard, chase rabbits and play basketball. Very good daddy time!! Well he didn't get to bed early last night and i questioned how his day would go. Well about 3 o'clock this afternoon i got a call from school. Luke had stuck some rubber mat up his nose and they couldn't get it out. Well let me fill you in that a couple of weeks ago he shoved a twig up his nose and was bleeding like crazy and was laughing about it. So im guessing he is investigating the wholes in his body. So we go to the doctor this afternoon and mommy was DREADING it....I was very nervous that I would have a scream kid as they stuck something up his nose to even examine. Well much to my surprise Luke is a little trooper. He sat there and didn't even move as they stuck this long instrument with a light on it up his nose. Needless to say it didn't stop there. Tonight as he was having his nightly choc. covered cherry hershey kiss i heard him giggling. I looked over and he was trying to stick that wrapper up his nose. I am now a little concerned although his doctor says it is just a phase that some kids go through. Well if anyone has any suggestions please let me know because i would love to hear them.

He has also become obsessed with the computer...hmm....i wonder where that comes from. We go on PBS every night so that he can play games and sing songs. You will see him ... well don't be scared because it does look like a little daddy!!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny about him sticking things in his nose. They do the funniest things sometimes. Hopefully he will out grow it soon for your sake...ha-ha!

1:49 PM  
Anonymous lesley said...

Oh my gosh! It is so scary how much he looks like a little "BO" on that computer. He is so precious! I can't believe I haven't seen ya'll since.... well I can't even remember! Love ya'll-come visit in our new house!

9:43 PM  
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