Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Future Athlete

Well as the days get closer to the BIG 2 there is one thing that has not changed. Lil Mosely LOVES balls. He loves to bowl, shoot hoops, and watch any kind of sport. But the important thing is that he is a lefty so Mommy and Daddy are going for a PITCHER!!! Well just a few new things that have happened. He now can count to 10 and he does it at lightening speed. He also has learned wonderful manners from Ms. Rhonda and Ms. Natalie. Last night as we were sitting at the dinner table he burped.... Then immediately said. "Excuse me Mommy". I was so proud of him and told him how great it is to have good manners. Being a boy sometimes they think that stuff is funny. Well being a girl too.....I must admit..... But as Nonna says.....Lil Mosely is "advanced!!!" Hope to hear your comments soon.~XOXO


Blogger Susan said...

Hello Ashley! I just saw your blog linked off of Lesley's. Cute. Just wanted to say Hi.

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