Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Weekend

Well we started the weekend with a HOT but fun time at the retriever trials. It was very neat and we have decided that we want to go again when its not 900 degrees outside. We spent the night at Don and Leslies and Luke and Sloane played and played and chased and chased. Luke bossed her around all weekend and she didn't even care. There will come a time soon that she will start bossing back im sure. Sunday and Monday Luke and I spent several hours at the pool. Luke LOVES the pool and all his toy and his "Mr Cool" shades. It was a fun and relaxing weekend. I love the summers in Maumelle because the pool is so much fun and a great way to wear Luke out. XOXOXO...More to come soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We had a blast with you guys! I am so glad yau'll came. We will plan for the fall trials when it is cooler. However we did come back w/a nice burn.


7:10 PM  
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