Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Days of "OUR" lives....

These days of our lives we tend to BLURT out new words. Thank goodness no "classics" have come out however im sure they are soon to come. Last week we said "SURE" to everything that was asked of him....which was rather nice. This week the only new word we have used is "DOWN" which is nice because we were saying "up" for everything. Instead of lots of new words this week it seems that he is missing is POPS. Several times a day wheather it is driving in the car or watching tv he says "Mommy...its Pops...Mommy... Well im not sure if he thinks he is seeing him somewhere or what but i have decided to include Pops in this writing. Stay tuned for more days of our lives as we go for a "running with the dogs" this weekend.


Anonymous Pops said...

I love being featured. Tell Luke that Pops misses him too!!

12:44 PM  
Anonymous lesley said...

Those are so adorable!
Luke is getting soooooo big!
Pretty soon he will be the one holding the guitar!

4:06 PM  
Blogger courtneygcarter said...

Too Cute!

7:23 AM  
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